Claymont Business Owners Association, Inc. (CBOA) was founded for the economic revitalization and historic preservation of the Community of Claymont. With the help of The Claymont Renaissance Organization and our State and County governments, the economic future of Claymont can be developed, implemented and ensured.

Claymont has played a viable role in shaping the State of Delaware and United States’ History. We maintain a rich history of almost 400 years of agricultural, industrial, political, and cultural attributes which have made a significant contribution to who we are as a state and as a country.

As the “Gateway” of northeastern Delaware, we see the Claymont community serving as the first impression of the First State. As a voice for our businesses, the CBOA is committed towards a livable, prosperous Claymont and will encourage economic investment, smart growth and opportunities for all its residents. Click here to download a CBOA membership form.

To learn more about the CBOA
email or call 302.798.1364



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